Magical animation film ‘Mavka’ in cinemas on 19 April

This Spring film distributor Just Entertainment brings the Ukranian animation film ‘Mavka’ to Dutch and Flemish cinemas. Mavka is a young girl who is the Guardian of the Forest. Her story is based on old legends from Ukraine and the country’s nature plays an important role in the film. The portray the forest where the story takes place and its inhabitants as realistically as possible, the producers of the film have collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund. In the Netherlands the film will be released on 19 April with the voices of Stefania Liberakakis, Soy Kroon and Pip Pellens.


For as long as people can remember, the cast Ukranian forest have known countless secrets and mysteries. Wonderful creatures live among ancient trees and guard their sacred realm faithfully. One of them is the young girl Mavka. She has been elected Guardian of the Forest and her main tast is to protect the Forest and its Heart – the Source of Life – from their enemy: humans.

When the humble, musical village boy Lucas ends up in the Forest, he meets Mavka. She is enchanted by his music and a forbidden love blossoms between the two. Then the greedy Kylina appears, determined to get her hands on the Heart of the Forest. She will stop at nothing and takes advantage of the blossoming love between Mavka and Lucas to penetrate the Forest.

Will Mavka succeed in saving the Forest? Can Lucas’s music work miracles? And can they overcome evil together?

Dutch voice cast

Stefania Liberakakis – Mavka

Soy Kroon – Lucas

Pip Pellens – Kylina  

Flemish voice cast

Lotte de Clerck – Mavka

Aaron Blommaert – Lukas

Anneke van Hooff – Kylina

The ‘Mavka’ trailer is in cinemas now.

Release date: 19 april 2023

Classification: 6+, fear, violence

Running time: 99 minutes