Exciting family film ‘The Legend of the Fox Family’ to be released on February 7th

Family Vos is back with a grand and exciting adventure! Starting from February 7th, the family film ‘The Legend of Family Vos’ can be seen in Dutch cinemas. The sequel to ‘The Expedition of Family Vos’ once again takes place in the enchanting setting of The Efteling. Familiar faces such as Teun (Levi Otto), aunt Ada (Raymonde de Kuyper), uncle Rikkert (Frederik Brom), and the security guard Cor (Edo Brunner) return in the film. Additionally, new roles are played by actors such as Buddy Vedder, Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld and Clara Cleymans.

Synopsis The thrilling family film ‘The Legend of Family Vos’ revolves around Teun (Levi Otto), who works at The Efteling and is tasked with taking Jamie (Imani Ristie), the daughter of park director Indra (Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld), under his wing. When guard Cor (Edo Brunner) is attacked at night by a ghost wielding a flaming sword, Teun and Jamie find themselves embroiled in a mystery. Who or what is this ghost and what does it want in The Efteling? Indra refuses to entertain ghost stories, even when the famous ghost hunter and Youtube star Ronny Ruygh (Buddy Vedder) arrives to assure her that The Efteling is indeed haunted. He offers his services to banish the ghost, but Indra dismisses it as a prank.

However, Teun and Jamie stumble upon an old fairy tale book belonging to Teun’s grandfather which describes a Fireman resembling the ghost in The Efteling. Convinced that something is amiss, they team up with Ronny Ruygh and Teun’s aunt Ada (Raymonde de Kuyper) to investigate. They soon realize that something unusual happens at night in the deserted park. But is it a real ghost or is there something else behind the fiery apparition?

‘The Legend of Family Vos’ offers a blend of suspense and humor, perfect for a fun family movie outing. The film is the sequel to ‘The Expedition of Family Vos’ released in 2020.