Epic action film ‘Civil War’ will be in theaters on April 11th

Film distributor Just Entertainment brings the epic movie 'Civil War' to the Netherlands. Starring in this film are Wagner Moura ('Narcos') and Kirsten Dunst ('Spiderman'). The A24 film is written and directed by Alex Garland and provides, alongside impressive action scenes, a critical examination of the societal, political, and economic factors that have contributed to the decline of the United States. The movie will be available in Dutch cinemas starting from April 11th.

Synopsis ‘Civil War’ is a spectacular action film depicting a raging civil war in the United States, pushing the entire nation to the brink of collapse and into chaos. Amidst this tumultuous situation, a group of courageous journalists is followed as they narrate – arguably – the biggest story of their lives: the inevitable end of the United States as we know it. ‘Civil War’ not only showcases the physical conflicts on screen but also sheds light on the deeper, underlying issues that have led to the unraveling of the once proud nation.