‘De Grote Sinterklaasfilm’ attracts over 200,000 visitors for the 3rd consecutive time

‘De Grote Sinterklaasfilm en de Strijd om Pakjesavond’ has welcomed over 200,000 visitors for the third consecutive time. The musical family film, produced by Messercola and distributed by Just Entertainment, is the sixth Dutch film to achieve this result in 2023. The film is available in Dutch cinemas until December 6th.


Sinterklaas' advisor, Robert ten Brink, received a call from Sinterklaas this morning, informing him that the magical number of 200,000 visitors has been reached. "What a milestone. This is fantastic news, and we can be very proud of this. Making so many families and children happy for the third time in a row is amazing," says Ten Brink.

Producer/director Lucio Messercola is also incredibly proud. "I am, of course, very happy with this result, and it confirms once again that Sinterklaas is alive in the Netherlands! Our recurring characters are very popular among the target audience, and that popularity is only growing. There are many exciting plans in the pipeline, so there is a good chance that our characters will continue to have a significant presence on various stages in the coming years," Messercola enthusiastically shares.

About 'De Grote Sinterklaasfilm en de Strijd om Pakjesavond'

This year, Sinterklaas wants to celebrate his birthday in grand style. He wishes for every child to receive an extra present. At the same time, the Pieten (helpers) want to surprise Sinterklaas with a big birthday party, featuring a special performance by his favorite artist. Robbie Reuzel sees his own birthday overshadowed by the Sinterklaas festivities every year. As a result, he devises a cunning plan to thwart Sinterklaas. Will Robbie Reuzel succeed in sabotaging the Sinterklaas celebration, or will the Pieten sense trouble and manage to save the day?