Wie is de Mol (Who is the Mole)

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You and your team have been sent on a mission to crack 3 important codes. All teammates have different codes and keys. By working together it is possible to solve the mystery surrounding the codes, but what if there is one person who is consciously sabotaging things? Who can you trust during your mission and who is the mole?


  1. Can I only move the dice within the same zone or is it allowed to move it to a different zone?
    When moving the dice it has to stay in the same zone. This means it is not allowed to move it to a different zone.
  2. I can’t find the app on my phone. Where can I download it from?
    The boardgame ‘Wie is de mol – code opdracht’ has an app that you can find in the App Store and Google Play Store under the same name. The app is however not necessary to play the game. It simply adds another layer to the game.
  3. When you receive a penalty point because of a opposing vote, the player has to take a card out of their hand. What happens when the player doesn’t have any cards left?
    When the player doesn’t have any cards the top card of the discard pile will be flipped.
  4. How does the ‘trading cards’ exactly work?
    The action without approval ‘trade cards’ refers to the placing of card in the penalty point zone and hand out cards to your opponents.
  5. When placing a dice in a key zone, does it have to be just one dice or can it be more?
    Player are only allowed to place one dice.
  6. When a card is placed in the penalty zone, is it allowed to see what card it is? And can you grab a card for yourself?
    The cards are given closed to the players. In addition the player gets a card for themselves.